Management Information System /
Electronic Data Processing


To provide the management of the College timely, and accurate information so that it can formulate rational policies, implement them on time and evaluate it.

It is also the objective of the MIS/EDP to provide students and faculty, access to the information highway, thereby making them aware of the latest development not only in science and technology but also in other facets of human development such as culture and politics.


The Management Information System and Electronic Data Processing of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology is tasked with the development, implementation, and maintenance of the information infrastructure and information system of the College.

Mr. Ned P. Cababasay




Reynard Y. Chu



Ma. Pishtaz M. Elijorde



Ian Russ M. Bernabe

Adelfa D. Labordo



Vanessa P. Torrecampo



Prejelene H. Pasaquian