23 mentors undergo TESDA training

Twenty-three faculty members of  the university availed the Scholarship Program for the Trainor’s Methodology (TM) Training for Level I Course  offered by the Technical Educational Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Provincial Office.

The TESDA scholarship program offered in  modules, batches and in different venues of the ISAT U Campus are  Hotel & Restaurant Technology, Drafting, Computer, Garment, Electronics, Electrical, and Carpentry. 

The first batch started training on CICT-TESDA Modules last December 14, 2015 at the New Board Room. 

Mrs. Rhodora S. Brillantes, TMI Program Coordinator, was in charge during the 1st day of the seminar. Requirements for the scholarship program were checked and gathered from the participants

As part of the Biennial Work Plan 2015 for UNESCO – UNEVOC Philippines, Visayas Center, Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U), Commission on Information and Communication Technology (CICT) and Technological Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) collaborated for e-Learning Development.

The Biennial Work Plan 2015 includes the university’s realignment of curricular programs along Information Communication Technology (ICT) to serve various stakeholders.

The goals covered by the Biennial Work Plan 2015 include:

1. Intensifying networking activities among TVET providers

2. Developing pool of experts on software and animation

3. Enhancing curriculum content for Technician Teacher Education

4. Developing programs for the physically challenged learners

The development of school’s expertise along Learning Materials Development for E-Learning in Technical Vocational and Training (TVET) is also part of the 2015 Biennial Work Plan.

The  CICT-TESDA Modules and participants are:

Hotel & Restaurant Technology

1. Cherry C. Macaya – Housekeeping NCII

2. Hazel M. Malayas – Food and Beverage NCII

3. Grace S. Valenciana – Commerial Cooking NCII

4. Joylyn D. Aguilar – Housekeeping NCII

5. Padema B. Formarejo – Housekeeping NCII

6. Aristeo V. Camis

7. Ram Hanzel P. Capuso


1. Karlo S. Sira – 2D Animation NCII

2. Arthur E. Villagracia – Visual Graphics Design NCII

3. Ma. Analie M. Celda


1. Manfred Von Magat – 2D Animation NCII

2. Reynaldo S. Ilangos – 2D Animation NCII

3. Fel Jun Palawan

4. Charles S. Jaranilla

5. Loreto Gabawa

6. Christine Jamela delos S. Valsado

7. Michelle Escriba

8. Christian Lester D. Gimena

9. Ernest Andreigh Centina


1. Jasmine Ibones


1. Gener Jamoyot


1. John Paul Wendell E. Aranga


1. Leonardo Reoyo

The duration of the scholarship program will  run on the following dates:

December 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 29, 30
January 4,5,6,7,8,11,12,13,14,15

The date of graduation will be on January 15, 2016 at the ISAT U New Board Room.

Nominated as UNESCO-UNEVOC Regional Center for the Philippines back in 1992, ISAT U is expected to give leadership and trust to the education and development that result in effective performance within occupational roles. Part of the task include:

1. Developing and leading a national network;
2. Ensuring information flow to and from UNESCO and other UNEVOC network members;
3. Providing research as requested by the UNESCO Secretariat;
4. Contributing to UNESCO publications and databases;
5. Updating the data of the UNEVOC Directory with information on all UNEVOC Centres and other relevant institutions.