16 pass board exam for electrical engineers


A total of 16 graduates of ISAT U passed the  Registered Electrical Engineer (REE)  Licensure Examination given last September 2015. With the 16 new passers, ISAT U posted a passing percentage of 84.21% against the national passing rate of 67.23%. The following are the new registered electrical engineers of ISAT U:

Engr. Alfredo D. Abatayo
Engr. Mark Kevin B. Andres
Engr. Robespierre E. Boko, Jr.
Engr. Maico D. Bustamante
Engr. Denmark C. Cagape
Engr. Julie A. Detaro Jr.
Engr. Carls Enisor L. Gamarcha
Engr. Karl Jan C. Habaradas
Engr. Kher P. Ibañes
Engr. Herson A. Jomen
Engr. Steve V. Lapso
Engr. Mandy Ysmael T. Sobrepeña
Engr. Vincent Danyl C. Tagaduar
Engr. Antonie M. Umahag
Engr. Marriel Mae D. Amarte
Engr. Rynie C. Ginbaliga